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Conference 2020

Following on from the successful Te Akatea-Natsipa conference hosted by Te Akatea in Waitangi in 2018, Natsipa will be hosting the next combined conference in Sydney in 2020.


Pre-Conference Programme: 16 – 17 March

Conference:  18 – 20 March 


Novotel Brighton Beach

Pre-Conference Programme:

  1. School visits (4) and accommodation included: or
  2. Healing and spiritual Program with Goothala Doyle

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There will be many speakers and some include:

Dr Megan Davis

  • Lawyer and Chair UN.
  • Megan constructed the Uluru Statement from the Heart challenging government to add an Indigenous voice to parliament.

Dr Lois Peeler

  • Executive Principal at Worawa Aboriginal College for girls.
  • Lois is one of the original Sapphires- singing group who travelled to Vietnam during the Vietnam War to perform for troupes. A movie was made about The Sapphires and Lois leads an outstanding educational site for Aboriginal girls in high school.

Gary Fry

  • Former principal at Moulden PS in the Northern Territory.

Dr Chris Sarra

  • Director General, Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

Bruce Pascoe

  • Author Dark Emu

Workshops and Cultural Experiences

There are more than 14 workshops to choose from ranging from

  • Early Childhood and including
  • Primary schools,
  • High schools,
  • Central schools, and
  • Distance Education settings where there is a high concentration of Aboriginal students having great success.

Cultural experiences include

  • A boat tour with Tribal Warrior on Sydney Harbour,
  • Basket weaving,
  • Dance and
  • Didj, plus more!

The Blak Markets have been scheduled on the weekend 21-22 March to showcase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and crafts which can be purchased.

It is a week long experience and NATSIPA is extremely excited to be hosting this significant collaboration and cultural exchange.

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