Pānui 1 – 2019

Te Akatea Vision:

Enhancing the educational opportunities of all Māori learners

Te Akatea Vision Statement:

Ka tū ai Te Akatea ki te whakawhānaunga, manaaki, whakapakari hoki i ngā tumuaki Māori me ngā kaiwhakahaere matua o ngā kura tuatahi, tuarua hoki.

President’s Kōrero

Kia ora whānau,

This year is set up to either be something really special in Maori Education or it will end up being a disappointing flop. There is so much at stake after all the reviews and forums that we have been involved in across the country and none more so than our Maori tamariki.

Each of the recommendations in the Tomorrows Schools report has the potential to lift Maori Education or further embed the disparity between Maori and non-Maori in this country. I know that the people in those reviews and forums have all been very strong in the view that we have to get this right for Maori however even the best laid plans can have unforeseen impacts. My point is that we need to be very careful about what we accept and then once we do we are going to have to be very strategic and proactive to ensure that whatever the changes that are made are going to work.

An example of this is the HUB concept. If it is put into place we will need to make sure that we have enough Maori in each of these HUBs to ensure that our voice and our perspective is heard. We need to ensure that Maori knowledge and expertise is within each HUB.

We are also at the forefront of work to increase the number of Maori tamariki in Rangai Maori (Level 1) Medium education from about 5% to 30% by 2032. The huge need for more kaiako in both Maori and English Medium schools is clearly evident. We need to be the ones that encourage and motivate our rangatahi into this profession or we will continue to struggle to have enough quality kaiako in our profession and in particular for Rangai Maori Medium (Level 1).

Work in the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement review is continuing and again there has been some great korero on what does Maori achieving success as Maori look like. Work that Hoana Pearson is doing with Te Ara Hou (Maori Achievement Collaboratives) is helping to further define that for our English Medium whanau. Developing Local Curricula is the next big thing and we are driving home the point that any local curriculum that does not include input from local Hapu and Iwi is contrary to the Treaty and the direction the NZ education system is heading. Also alongside this is the work on what is being assessed and measured at a National level and the key is that we have to have a bigger picture of success than Literacy and Maths data can provide.

Student Information Sharing Initiative

I am also heavily involved in the work on what is currently called the Student Information Sharing Initiative. This is going to change the way that students and whanau can access their information, data and progress. It is going to enhance communication between home and school. It is going to make the lives of Tumuaki and kaiako so much easier. Work between schools like what is happening in Kahui Ako and other collaborative groups of schools will be significantly easier.

The Early Stage Rollouts (ESRs) are happening this year and depending on when this can be funded it will occur across the whole sector. This will be free for all schools. There is a powhiri for the group who are delivering this to Aotearoa on the 14th of March in Wellington. You will no doubt hear a lot more about this project after that date. I do want to say that Te Akatea has been heavily involved in this from the early days and I currently sit on the SISI Project Board that oversees the work that is going on so We are having significant input into the design of this.

I would also like to point out that the Maori Medium Working Group has led the way in terms of the whole project design. The Ministry team have been blown away by the input from the MMWG. Also I have been incredibly impressed by Ministry’s desire to ensure that we get this right for Maori.


We have moved our registration system to the new website and away from the Google Form system. This will allow immediate response to your registration application as you will receive an email almost immediately after you have submitted your application.

Invoices will then be generated and sent to your email address for you to forward to your accounts team for payment. If you have any suggestions to update this system can you please email Dana [email protected]

Tumuaki Hauora

In the near future NZEI Te Riu Roa will be putting out the results of the latest survey around Principal Hauora. It will be released in 3 parts. The first is around Stress and Burnout. This will be followed by Offensive Behaviour and the third will be Discrimination (Racism). These all impact on the quality of life and work that we are able to enjoy, or not as the case may be.

It is clear to me that things are not getting better and that the stresses and pressures are still there. I get calls and emails from Tumuaki across the country asking for support on a range of different challenges that they face. Here are a few whakaaro of mine about that.

Support from colleagues

This is essential and you need to get it from those you trust. Whatever form it takes we all need it. We have some awesome people on our Executive who are there willing to be a listening ear or to provide advice if you want that.


This is the most important thing when times get tough. Be tough and never give up. Your tamariki deserve your best and that will only happen if you can withstand the external pressures and keep doing what you are doing.

Focus on the positives

We all have areas we can improve upon but we all have things we do well. Remember how good you really are. The same applies for your staff. They deserve your praise in 99% of cases. Praise them 20 times and then ask them to improve in 1 area and they will. Remember you were selected for a reason. Make that reason your reality.

We will continue to drive our vision on improving Maori Education and our mission of supporting Maori Educational Leadership and we are committed to being better this year than we were last year.

Ngā manaakitanga,

Myles Ferris
Te Kura o Otangarei

Kaupapa Kōrero

Te Akatea website

Our new look website is now LIVE!

This website page is designed to be your one stop, go to page, for information or contacts related to Te Akatea and your membership.

Visit our page today and let us know what you want added, or linked to our website.


2019 Te Akatea Conference

Term 3 Week 5 21st August 2019
Palmerston North

Mark this date in your calendars. Our Aka members in Manawatu are organising the conference, supported by our Te Akatea Executive. More information will follow after our Executive hui this week.

Māori Achievement Collaborative

PLD available to support you – have you applied yet?

For further information or an application pack please contact Hoana Pearson (Te Pitau Mātauranga – National MAC Coordinator) [email protected] or phone 0210664152.

Te Akatea AGM

The Te Akatea AGM will be held on Friday the 23rd of August. This will be during the Te Akatea Conference so please attend.

Ngā take o te wā

Nga mihi o te tau hou whanau ma. Greetings and welcome back to kura for 2019. Next month Haley Milne (Kia Aroha College) and myself will be presenting research called ‘Maku ano e hanga toku nei kura’ – ‘I will shape my own school’ at the He Au Honua Indigenous Research Conference at the University of Hawai’i Maui College.

This presentation will discuss the benefits of developing a network of indigenous school leaders such as Te Akatea provides. How do Maori principals benefit from this collegial support and how does that impact on their leadership in their schools? We will give an insight into critical, culturally sustaining leadership and practice in our respective schools: Kia Aroha College in South Auckland and Mokoia Intermediate in Rotorua, both in predominantly Maori communities. 

It will be an opportunity to network with fellow Indigenous colleagues, and we look forward to returning and sharing our experiences with our Te Akatea membership. 

Have a good year, the Te Akatea Executive are here to support our members. Mauri ora!

Rawiri Wihapi
Mokoia Intermediate 

Ngā mihi o te tau 2019 ki a koutou katoa, ā, ngā manaakitanga hoki mō āu mahi e kawea nei e koe. Kaikohe is a great place to work and bring learning experiences to tamariki that have talents and interests for learning inside and outside the classroom.

I enjoy being a member of our Te Akatea executive, it is certainly a challenge to hold the current structures and systems for Māori accountable regarding our education and leadership.

I encourage you to be informed of the Tomorrow School’s Independent taskforce recommendations and have discussions together with colleagues, attend the consultation hui in your area and ensure the next steps empower education for our communities.

NZEI leadership forum

I have this portfolio this year and will represent you and our Te Akatea Association in discussions each term. Our first meeting for the year is next week, 8th March in Wellington. I’ll share updates through this newsletter .

You are welcome to share with me your ideas, thoughts or what’s on top, relevant to this forum and I am happy to put these forward to improve NZEI and Leadership for our members.

Meralyn Te Hira
Kaikohe West

E te kahui o Te Akatea, tēnei ka mihi.  E rere ana hoki ngā mihi ki te hunga pūkenga, te hunga whakapau kaha ki te tūtuki i ngā wawata a ngai māori, Te Akatea Executive members.  It is a privilege to working alongside a dedicated and committed executive who continue to be voice of Maori Principals and our tamariki at the many forums that we attend.  This journey has strengthened me to voice the challenges that as māori leaders we face and also to make changes and not to compromise. Some of the work that I am involved in for Te Akatea is Student Information Sharing Initiative.  This is a very exciting piece of work which will be shared out in the near future. NZEI principal potae is negotiations which both the teacher and principal teams met with the ministry this week and will return for further discussions next week.  Most of the executive team have also volunteered to provide mentorship for our kupe scholarships mentees.

Last but not least Teaching Council Elections.  All teaching staff would of received an email from Teaching Council on the elections be proactive with your staff and ensure they vote.  Our people have put themselves out there to support us we need to do the same. To our members who are Te Aho Matua, reminder our hui a tau is in Arowhenua last week of the term.  Ngā manaakitanga Paimarire.

Denise Marshall
TKKM o Manawatu

Kia Ora Koutou. An area of particular interest for me has been the recent Tomorrow School’s report issued by the Independent Taskforce, and in particular, a real need for Maori representation across all levels in education, especially in senior leadership.This needs to be rectified.  Of all principals/tumuaki in all schools, only 15% are Maori. This is in stark contrast to students across all schools where 25% identify as Maori. In order to raise aspirations among our Maori youth, our kids need to see themselves reflected in top positions. Let’s encourage our Maori colleagues to strive to attain these.

Another hot topic is the Physical Restraints Guidelines.  Te Akatea has been included with their on-going development so watch this space for updates.  Mauriora!

Tom Paekau
Merivale School

Kia ora whānau,

Greetings from the beautiful Eastern BOP. Te Akau ki Papamoa is humming at the moment as we continue to lead the way in Digital Immersion incorporating Te Reo me ona Tikanga into our daily lives. This is just normal for our tamariki. I was recently on the Sunday program to discuss how devices are impacting on our students and my korero was that when used properly and effectively they are an incredible tool that has an impact on student engagement and progress. We are now finding that our students are having less screen time than ever before due to the effectiveness of our teaching and learning programs.

Top Tip – assign a management unit to a teacher to do all the funding applications. It makes a huge difference and they can pay for themselves with 1 successful application.

Bruce Jepsen
Te Akau ki Papamoa

Ngā mihi o te tau hou.  I am new to the executive of Te Akatea and one thing that stood out to me at my first hui was our aim to increase membership.  Being the only representative from Te Wai Pounamu I intend to support the executive with increasing membership from this beautiful part of the country.  Over the next few months I will make contact with whānau to support this strategic goal. I would also like to mihi to our executive. I feel very privileged to be part of such a passionate team who strive to do their absolute best for our tamariki.

Stacey Honeywill
Waitati School

Nga mihi e te Whanau. I am very pleased to be back from study leave in 2018 and ready to be part of this very important mahi, advocating and fighting for the Maori voice to be heard on Ministry panels, Education Council and many more reviews and hui. I am in the very honoured position of being Tumuaki at Kereru Park Campus in Papakura, Tamaki Makaurau. There are so many awesome things about living in Tamaki Makaurau and we are current looking at developing a Culturally Sustainable Curriculum that reflects our 85% Maori roll. We do have a lot of hard working whanau that still can not make ends meat and we are proud of the mahi we do to support whanau in variety of ways. The achievements we have accomplished in part is due to being part of Te Akatea and having amazing, hard working and experienced Tumuaki available at the end of the phone in times of need. I look forward to meeting you all in the future.

“Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini”

George Ihimaera
Kereru Park Campus

Strategic plan 2019

Positive influence

Te Akatea will be a voice for positive influence on improved Māori Education.

  • Increase our Te Akatea members to 350 by 2018.
  • Increase the number of Regional Aka across the motu from 10 2017, to 15 in 2018, to 18 in 2019
  • Contribute to national / local  seminars or workshops including NZPF, PPTA and SPANZ, Education Council, MOE, Consultative Groups etc

Professional leadership

Te Akatea will provide professional leadership to support the professional and personal well-being of Māori Principals.

  • Working relationship with Sector organisations (i.e NZPF, Kura-a-iwi, Kura Kaupapa Maori) – co-ordinated support of Māori Principals.
  • Organise Conferences incorporating Hauora concepts/issues
  • Build the next generation of Māori Principals & Educational Leadership

Cultural advocacy

Te Akatea will advocate cultural awareness and practices.

  • Advocating for maintaining and strengthening the Maori Achievement Collaborative PLP Initiative beyond 2017
  • Unwavering advocacy for the building and inclusion of cultural competency and intelligence for all educators.
  • Promote Cultural Capability through Leadership with a scholarship of $2500 per annum towards members tertiary/sabbatical studies with in depth study in  te reo me ōna tikanga.
  • Our website includes ‘cultural advocacy’ tab updated each term with current web links / readings / resources.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our Kiwi and Kereru Sponsors

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