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August 2012

Whaikororia kia Ihoa o nga mano.
Kia maungarongo ki runga i te whenua.
Kia whakaaro pai ki nga tangata katoa.
Tihei Mauri Ora!

Tena koutou i roto i nga whakaneke me nga whakanuku o te wa.  Kei nga mate o te tau tawhito o nga ra kataha ake nei, haere ra, haere ra, haere ra.  Tatou te hunga ora e takatu nei i te ao i te po, e whakapakari nei ki te whakakapi i nga whawharua o ratou, tena tatou katoa.

Nei ra a Te Akatea e mihi kau ana ki a  koutou i roto i nga ahuatanga o te wa.  He nui nga ahuatanga o te ao matauranga e tau nei ki runga i a tatou ka tika me noho a Te Akatea ki waenganui i nga korero hai mangai mo matou.  Na reira kai aku rangatira ko nga korero e whai ake nei he korero whakarapopoto mo nga momo roopu e noho nei a Te Akatea.

Mauri Ora!

Below is a summary of the forums that Te Akatea is represented on.

Ministerial Cross Sector Forum

In June of this year the Minister of Education established a Ministerial Forum to work through Government on their agenda to raise achievement for all students, through a focus on quality and a system-wide approach.  The aim of the forum is to;
  • give opportunity for collaborative cross-sector leadership
  • to provide sector leadership on leading, teaching and learning as well as
  • contribute to the development of a quality achievement programme that will deliver the Government's Education Plan - 5 out of 5 Learners Succeeding.
The Government's Better Public Service Targets are;
  • 98% of new school entrants having participated in early childhood education
  • 85% of 18 year-olds having achieved NCEA Level 2 or an equivalent qualification within the next five years.
The forum identified key issues to be addressed in four areas;
  • Quality teaching
  • Better use of achievement information at individual, school and education agencies for student achievement and
  • Learning environments that are fit for purpose in the 21st century.
The cross sector forum has representative from the ECEm Primary, Secondary, Tertiary education sectors, unions, business sector, academics, iwi and educational experts.

Sub groups of the forum have also been established under the four areas identified above to clarify and progress system issues.

The forum meets monthly and will do so for the rest of this year.

PAI Sub Group - Sub-Group on Public Achievement Information
  • This sub group has a focus on how and in what form, should National Standards achievement data be reported so that the information is contextualised.
  • How can intended audiences be assured that the information is robust and reliable.
  • How might the data be used within schools for self review (board, school-wide, teacher, learner planning)?
Maori-medium PAI Sub Group - Public Achievement Information

Objective of this sub group is;
  • agree on the use and reporting of progress and achievement data, particularly in relation to Nga Whanaketanga Rumakai Maori
  1.  Summary of discussion
           The sub group:
  1. agreed in principle to the pro-active publication of Nga Whanaketanga Rumaki Maori achievement information at the school, regional and national level in 2013
  2. noted that year-level data in Maori-medium settings gives an inaccurate picture of achievement because learners enter immersion settings at different stages in their schooling and Nga Whanaketanga Rumaki Maori align to Te Matauranga o Aotearoa levels which are not defined by year levels
  3. recommended that achievement information should therefore be reported in relation to years in immersion as well as year levels
  4. agreed that the recommendations of the Maori-medium workforce advisory group (separate to this Maori medium PAI sub group) inform planning for improving the use of achievement data.  The report included recommendations to examine the data from Maori-medium settings and move toward total immersion, including promoting late immersion
  5. agreed that it would be useful to convene a sub-group to make recommendations on improving the use of student management systems to capture, use and report engagement and achievement information.
NZPF, Te Akatea . Ministry of Education Collaboration

Te Akatea have been working with the Ministry and NZPF [New Zealand Principals Federation] focusing on Maori Achievement particularly in the mainstream setting.  Below is a summary of what has been discussed to dat and future actions to move forward with.

Underlying Principles for Ministry, NZPF, Te Akatea Engagement
  • Working collaboratively to accelerate all Maori achieving and enjoying education success as Maori
  • Communities of learning [not top-down], learning from each other
  • Sustainable pressure and support for mainstream principals through to 2017 and beyond
Agreed Priorities for Accelerating Maori Learner Achievement
  • Inspiring Principals to lead Maori educations success as Maori
              -    Supporting school principals to lead with moral purpose   
              -    Iwi demanding more of school principals and teachers
              -    Schools demanding more engagement from iwi and whanau
              -    Liaison with Nga Kaikokiri Matauranga
              -    NZPF providing leadership with Ministry support
              -    Leverage ERO focus on Maori learners
  • Proposed future and ongoing issues to cover include:
               a.  What is Maori success?
               b.  How do schools engage Maori whanau, iwi?
               c.  What pedagogical approaches are essential to Maori learner achievement?
               d.  Identifying Maori resourse people in my community?
               e.  What is intervention logic that helps us provide the support for principals?
RTS - Te Ohu Matarau

As part of its Te Reo Maori Schooling Work-plan, the Ministry of Education started work earlier this year to focus on the Resource Teacher Service (RTS).  This work-plan comprised of four specific stages;
  • analysis,
  • design,
  • communication and
  • the transition into a new service model.
The Ministry of Education established a stakeholder group to oversee the design and development for the establishment of a Resource Teacher Service that supports quality provision of, and through , Te Reo Maori.  Te Akatea is one of the representatives on this stakeholder group.

The role of the stakeholders is to;
  • provide specific guidance and advice
  • critique and make comment as the RTS design phase unfolds
  • update their institution, education sector or group, of the the work plan development
In summary the work-plan is reviewing the Resource Teacher Maori service [RTMs].  There are 53 RTM positions throughout the motu.  This service was established in 1987.  Since that time the service has not been reviewed until now.

When the Resource Teacher of Literacy [RT Lits] positions were established in the early 2000s the ministry of education allocated 12 of these positions to Maori medium.  These positions however were not filled.

This RTS review is encompassing the 53 RTM positions and the 12 RT Lit positions which haven't been filled since their establishment over ten years ago totaling 65 positions.  The stakeholder group is also recommending more positions to be allocated in the review on top of the current 65.  The final hui for the stakeholder group will be held in early September where final recommendations will be made and confirmed which will be in the report to the Ministry of Education.

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